Diver attempts second world record in Malta

Posted: 01/11/2011 in all marine news

Fiona Galea Debono – 

In 2009, Sean McGahern broke the world record for the longest dive in open waters when he spent well over a day under the sea off St Julians – but it simply was not enough.

He will be back next month to attempt the Guinness World Record cold water open sea dive, which stands at 12 hours in 15°C waters, at Starfish Diving School in St George’s Bay. And the training has begun.

But Mr McGahern’s initiative is not just a physical challenge, it also has an emotional and charitable goal, aiming to raise funds to improve research and treatment of cancer by breaking a record “in memory of our lost ones”.

“Twelve years ago, my mother lost her battle against brain cancer, leaving behind my father, myself and my three brothers. My 38-year-old aunt is now suffering from breast cancer, with three children to care for. I also recently lost my foster sister, Michelle Rowley, at 35. She too left behind two children.

“Cancer does not care who you are and what you do in life. It affects us all,” Mr McGahern said.

He plans to stay in water colder than 15°C for at least 15 hours at a depth of 12 metres in memory of those he lost and is urging others to support him by digging deep in their pocket and donating.

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