Found ! Family on mystery camera memory card…

Posted: 06/26/2011 in all marine news

Mark Duell –

The mystery of the 104 photos on a camera memory card washed up on a beach has been solved.

It turns out the digital camera belongs to a teenage girl from Brownsville, Texas, who was aged 11 when she dropped it four years ago while taking a picture of a sea lion in Santa Cruz, California.

Peter Govaars discovered the skeleton of the camera with an intact memory card after a storm had left driftwood, broken glass and old bottles on Hidden Beach in Aptos, near Santa Cruz.

The girl, her mother and her aunt were visiting relatives in Seaside, California, in June 2007 and decided to take a day trip to Santa Cruz, which is only 40 miles north.

Mr Govaars, who posted the pictures on photo sharing website Flickr, told the Santa Cruz Sentinel that the unidentified teenage girl is ‘totally stoked’ and is ‘telling all her friends on Facebook’.

But the girl’s mother does not want her daughter’s name released and they have asked to remain anonymous, following the huge international interest generated.

A breakthrough came when Flickr viewers tracked down an address based on a number-plate on a vehicle in one of the pictures, which eventually helped trace the family.

CBS show Inside Edition has even offered to fly the girl and her family from Texas so they can pick up the memory card in person, reported the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

A post on Mr Govaars’s Flickr account by the family said: ‘Thanks, peter, for being diligent in tracking down my family!!! We are grateful to you but also to the many people who have contributed.

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