Search for survivors ongoing after boat capsizes

Posted: 07/10/2011 in all marine news

The Jakarta Post –

The police said that a rescue team would continue to search for eleven missing passengers including six intelligence officers whose fishing boat capsized in a storm on Friday off the coast of Masni, Manokwari, West Papua.

“We will keep searching for them. We have focused the search in several spots,” Manokwari Police chief Sr. Comr. Agustinus Supriyanto said on Sunday as quoted by

The search and rescue team has widened its search area radius to five miles from the location of the accident.

The team is a joint force of the Indonesian Navy, the Manokwari Police, the Army, the Papuan mobile brigade and the search and rescue team.

Fishing boat Sinar Pagi boarded 11 passengers including the six intelligence officers on Tuesday, July 5, and was identified as missing on July 7.

The six missing intelligence officers are Andri Winarta, Bayu Kumilang, Prim Sulikron, Hana Siwaan, Gion Sembiring and Sohibun. The other passengers are Wasidi, Slamet Rosidi, Romli, Dedi and Mr. X. (rpt)


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