He makes wet look normal: Secrets of a commercial underwater photographer

Posted: 07/19/2011 in all marine news

Scott Jones –

Chris Crumley is a well-known underwater photographer who is in demand regularly. His images have graced the covers of a variety of books and magazines, in addition to being featured throughout the world in advertisements and online promotional campaigns.

Crumley, who was profiled last year in this Examiner.com feature – Mermaid Sightings COMMON for this UW photographer, made news earlier this week when it was announced he was part of the launch campaign for the Hasselblad camera’s new 60-megapixel digital back for their H4D medium format camera.

It’s not surprising that this highly-respected and well-known company would ask Crumley to test and shoot their new product. More impressive is the mermaid image shot with the new equipment that’s featured on the Hasselblad web site.

It is not the first time a commercial company has contacted Crumley, whose unique style, vision and skill have resulted in some unforgettable images – including products, models, dancers and even a few mermaids. According to the photographer, “It’s different being underwater. It’s surreal. It’s weightless. It’s unique,” he points out. “Sometimes, the only ‘clue’ that the model is underwater is a few small bubbles. That’s appealing to me as a photographer and to the clients I work with.”

Currently being represented by numerous stock photography agencies, Crumley is serious about his craft, traveling several months of the year and spending summers shooting in the custom pool that he built near his home in Virginia. Designed specifically for underwater photography, the pool measures 16 x 32 and is eight feet deep and cost Crumley $70,000. But the control of the aquatic environment is priceless he says.

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