The Magnificent Seven: deep sea submersibles

Posted: 07/22/2011 in all marine news

Malcolm Moore –

The Jiaolong is thought to be one of only seven submersibles in the world that can carry people to depths of more than 6,000m (19,685ft).

Here are the six others:

1 & 2: MIR – The two Russian Mir submersibles were built in Finland and delivered in 1987. With a maximum dive capability of 6,000m (19,685ft), the twin MIRs were used by James Cameron, the Hollywood director to film the wreck of the Titanic at 3,821m and the wreck of the Bismarck at 4,700m.

3: Alvin (DSV-2) – The US-built Alvin was commissioned in 1964 and built in the General Mill’s factory that also made machinery to produce breakfast cereal. Alvin has taken 12,000 people on more than 4,000 dives in its lifetime and can accommodate two scientists and one pilot to dive for up to nine hours at 4,500m (14,760ft). One of its first missions in 1966 was to recover a 1,45-megaton hydrogen bomb lost during a midair accident over Palomares. During another dive, a swordfish attacked the Alvin and became tangled with the craft at 610m (2,000ft) deep. The fish was brought to the surface and cooked for dinner.

4: DSV Sea Cliff – Another US Navy craft, the Sea Cliff is the sister craft to the Alvin, but can dive slightly deeper.

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