American surfer missing in waters off Indonesia

Posted: 08/02/2011 in all marine news

USA Today – 

A helicopter, fishing boats and divers scoured waters off western Indonesia on Tuesday in search of an American surfer who disappeared after coming off a powerful 10-foot wave.

Daniel Bobis, 32, a math teacher and coach at Long Beach High School in New York, apparently hit another surfer’s board on Sunday morning after emerging from the barrel of the wave.

His wife, Rachel, said his board washed ashore soon after. She initially thought he would pop up down the coast and make his way back to their holiday bungalow.

But by Monday afternoon, she’d all but given up hope of finding him alive.

“Everyone is telling me a lot of people go missing here … that within 48 hours his body will float up and wash in,” said the 29-year-old. “That’s the only thing we can be hopeful of.”

On Tuesday, a helicopter joined a fleet of fishing boats and a local search-and-rescue team that have been searching the waters and the coast, said Andri, a rescuer on the scene.

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