Armenian divers set world record submerging on bottom of high mountain lake

Posted: 08/02/2011 in all marine news

PanArmenian – 

On July 21, Ayas Nautical Research Club and Armenian Extreme Ltd, thanks to an expedition organised by a diver Rafael Mkrtchyan, set a world record in the Northern Hemisphere by submerging to the bottom of a lake Kari on Aragats mountain, located 3207 meters above sea level.

At news conference in Yerevan, the diver shared his impressions of submersion.

“We stayed underwater for 1 hr. 20 min which was enough to study 70% of the lake bottom. During submersion the temperature was +5 C on the surface and +3 C in the lake bottom, it was very cold. 20 years ago the lake froze over, so the lake wasn’t rich in fauna; still, we discovered several species of fish,” Mkrtchyan said.


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