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Patrick O’Brien – 

With the underwater regions of the UAE a mecca of beautiful fish, sea creatures and maritime wildlife, there’s no better way to escape the intense summer heat than at 20 feet below this Ramadan.

The Emirates offer a variety of different ways to explore the underground playground of the above mentioned creatures. Sports diving, recreational diving, scuba diving, free diving, and of course snorkelling are all ways to get up close and personal with creatures of the sea.

The east coast of the UAE offers the best and most rewarding dives, with Fujairah a hive of activity year-round, as wannabe mermaids sink to depths usually reserved for nature’s aquatic sea life.

However, there are other areas around the UAE which offer a closer look at what lies beneath. Daniel Birkhofer, manager of UAE Outdoor – an adventure magazine covering the UAE and Oman – says that there is plenty to offer dive fans around the Emirates.

“Dubai is generally sandy ground, and apart from some ship wrecks there is not much too see. Visibility is usually not perfect either,” he said.

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