Second Diver Dies Off Montauk

Posted: 08/10/2011 in all marine news

Russell Drumm – 

After exploring deep wrecks, one boat returns with two dead in a week.

Last Thursday, the dive charter boat John Jack returned to Montauk with the body of a diver who perished while exploring a shipwreck in over 200 feet of water. It was the second time in five days that the John Jack had returned with a dead diver.

Timothy Barrow, 64, a veterinarian and experienced diver from Reading, Pa., made it to the surface, according to published reports, but succumbed to an apparent heart attack. Mr. Barrow was diving on the wreck of the Norness, a tanker sunk by a German U-boat in 1942. The ship lies 250 feet down and about 60 miles southeast of Montauk.

On July 24, the ocean liner Andrea Doria claimed her 16th deep-diving victim, Michael LaPrade, 27, of Gardena, Calif., who was also diving from the John Jack. East Hampton Town Police Chief Edward Ecker said the young man became separated from his dive rope. Deep divers say it is not uncommon to become disoriented at such depths.

The Andrea Doria collided with the Swedish liner Stockholm in a thick fog on July 25, 1956. It sank the next day 106 miles east of Montauk in over 200 feet of water. Forty-six people lost their lives.

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