Deep Sea Mysteries to be Discussed at Howell Library

Posted: 08/12/2011 in all marine news

Zach Levine –

For many Howell residents, there may be no better way to beat the summer heat than going to the local beaches and enjoying the waters that the Jersey Shore has to offer.

However, beachgoers may not know about the many mysteries and little known facts about the shore, some of which will be discussed at the library tonight from 7 to 8 p.m.

Dan Lieb of the New Jersey Historical Divers Association will be the host of this program, “Exploring the Mysteries of the Jersey Shore.” During this presentation, Lieb will show a PowerPoint slideshow and multimedia presentation about divers who explore the waters of New Jersey.

Many of the divers who are part of this organization have investigated shipwrecks and recover what they can find. These discoveries are then brought to the New Jersey Historical Divers Association museum, which is located at the Infoage Science and History Center, at 2201 Marconi Road in Wall Township.

According to the New Jersey Historical Divers Association website,, the organization has three major goals. These goals include, “Preserving New Jersey’s shipwreck and Maritime history, researching and recording the many unknown, lost and misnamed shipwrecks, as well as other potentially historically significant sites, and documenting findings and present these findings to the public by means of exhibits, lectures, video presentations and printed publications.”

Some may not think of underwater divers as detectives, but there is a significant amount evidence to the contrary, according to Lieb. Robert Kurson wrote a book that shows how much divers can recover from the waters of the Jersey Shore, entitled Shadow Divers. This book, published in 2004, looks at the discovery of a German U-Boat from World War II in the waters off of New Jersey in 1991.

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