Man walks underwater into record books

Posted: 08/12/2011 in all marine news

Don Postles –

We have a new world record breaker in our midst, and you could say he has lungs of steel.

A big crowd of supporters cheered him on as Canisius College student Joe Wilkie walked underwater into the Guinness record books at the town of Tonawanda Aquatic and Fitness Center.

And this is how he did it: Joe walked across the bottom of the pool, holding his breath and holding a weight for more than 73 meters. That’s equivalent to about 240 feet! The old Guinness world record was 50 meters. So not only did Joe break the old record, he set the bar very high.

Joe said, “It’s just an accomplishment in itself, just knowing that you have accomplished something no one else has done so it feels good.”

His parents, Judy and Eric Wilkie, added, “He’s always made us proud because he’s always done well so this is just another page. So yeah, I’m proud of him. Really proud of him!”

Joe says he’s glad this goal is now behind him. He’s now focused on conquering his final year as an undergraduate at Canisius College. After that, Joe may try to break the record for swimming underwater 200 meters without taking a breath !


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