Nice day for a wet wedding ! Underwater photographer uses £30,000 of dresses for fashion show at the bottom of the sea

Posted: 08/12/2011 in all marine news

Anna Edwards –

Most wedding dresses are treated with the most delicate of touches, lovingly wrapped up and carefully stored.

But these expensive designer wedding dresses had quite the different experience – they were plunged into the icy ocean and weights tied to them.

The underwater images are the result of award-winning photographer Sharon Rainis, who sacrificed £30,000 worth of designer wedding dresses to the sea to create these amazing shots of an underwater fashion show in the Red Sea.

The 30-year-old, from Herzeliya, Israel, convinced three models to spend three whole days submerged in freezing cold water wearing just the delicate, floaty gowns to take these stunning photos 20 meters below the surface.

Weighted down and tied to the sea floor with fishing wire, the models endured hours of exhausting dives to create the wet wedding shoot.

Each photo had to be timed perfectly to coincide with the few seconds the models were able to hold their breath before another diver with a scuba tank swooped in to give them a lungful of air.

A team of 15 had to battle changing currents, overhead kitesurfers and tourist scuba divers visiting the Satil shipwreck in order to capture their trio of matrimonial mermaids at their best.

Not only did Sharon have to cajole the models to plunge into the icy water, she had to persuade renowned Israeli wedding dress designer Erez Ovadia with the wet wedding idea.

Unfortunately it would mean sacrificing ten of his beautiful designs, each worth up to £3,000.

Sharon said: ‘Out of all the designers, I chose Erez because his dresses are so light, natural, free and sensational, which is perfectly in line with how I feel about water.

‘Due to the high value of his wedding dresses, Erez was understandably hesitant at the beginning.

‘However, once we discussed the ideas and planned the different compositions, Erez suddenly realized the amazing potential of such an underwater fashion shoot and decided to go for it.

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