Square riggers are back !!! A sail powered container ship for the 21st century

Posted: 08/12/2011 in all marine news

gCaptain –

The age of sail may be getting a new beginning… and we couldn’t be more excited about the idea.

Imagine being off Ambrose Light and witnessing a triple-masted, 3000-ton containership simultaneously unfurl a dozen sails from gleaming carbon fiber yardarms and then blaze off into the distance on a great circle route toward Europe.

Using the Dyna-rig concept born in the 1960′s by German inventor Wilhelm Prolls, and successfully implemented in 2006 by the Perini Navi-built Maltese Falcon, commercial ships may soon find sails and carbon fiber rigging rising skyward from their decks.

B9 Shipping is the organization leading the charge on this exciting concept and their team is working in collaboration with a number of top organizations to make this concept a reality within the commercial shipping industry.

The technology behind B9 Ships, coupled with weather-optimized shipping routes, will deliver competitive freight rates and equal performance against schedules of conventional oil powered ships.

The state of the art sail propulsion system maximizes performance, dramatically improves reliability, has minimal impact on normal cargo operations and ensures optimum Health and Safety compliance.  Unlike commercial sailing vessels of the past, B9 Ships are operated entirely from the bridge, thus allowing the number of crew members to remain the same as those aboard a conventionally powered ship.

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