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Hydro International –

With noisy human activity on the world’s oceans possibly disrupting the well-being of marine creatures, perhaps reducing their ability to find food, seek out mates or avoid predators, the United Nations is hosting a meeting to launch a decade-long investigation into the problem.

“Many marine species rely mainly on sound as a source of environmental information, in much the same way as human beings rely on their eyesight,” the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said on 18th August 2011 of the meeting, to be held at its Paris headquarters from 30 August to 1 September.

“Although very little research exists to prove any links, there is a growing suspicion that increasing noise levels, and some sounds in particular, are altering the behavior of marine animals and perhaps even reducing their capacity to perform normal life functions such as finding food, seeking out mates or avoiding predators.

“Evidence suggests, for example, that several whale species have raised the volume of the squeaks, clicks and moans by which they communicate with each other.”

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Sarah Kloepping –

After graduating from Wayne State University in Michigan, Ashley St. Andrew felt like a fish out of water.

With graduation, also came the end of her swimming career as a collegiate athlete. But now the 23-year-old Michigan resident is attempting a task that will keep her feet wet — swimming across Lake Michigan from near Two Rivers to Ludington, Mich.

“I miss swimming a bunch and figured this is a good way to take what I love to do and be able to give back,” said St. Andrew, who has been raising money for a Grand Rapids, Mich., cancer center during her training.

St. Andrew began her journey Wednesday morning, and expected the approximately 50-mile trip to take between 30 and 40 hours with breaks every 30 minutes for eating and drinking. She said the biggest challenge would be not sleeping during that length of time.

“I’ve pretty much trained through everything,” she said. “We’ve done the big waves, bad currents and I trained for not sleeping, but there is no real way you can prepare for that at all.”

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