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Mehmet Solmaz –

The İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality launched the İstanbul Aquarium project, in which TL 268 million was invested. Designed by the municipality, the aquarium complex sits on an area of approximately 100 acres in Florya.

In an interview with Sunday’s Zaman, İstanbul Aquarium General Director Sami Milli stated that he has taken part in all stages of the aquarium’s planning since 2007, from its draft sketches to its opening ceremony, when the aquarium was inaugurated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and İstanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş in June.

Visitors can see 15,000 species of fish at the İstanbul Aquarium, which features 16 regions of the world, from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Inside the aquarium are an exploration trail and an interactive rain forest. The aquarium project was announced in 2003, and its plans were completed after İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality officials visited other important thematic aquariums around the world.

Cutting-edge technology is used throughout the Istanbul Aquarium. Informative touch screen computers accompany every exhibit, showing information about the species and also about the theme of the particular section. The filters that are used for cleaning the aquarium, the water pumping system, the quarantine zones and all the stainless metal components of the aquarium were also designed and produced with the latest technology.

“There isn’t another place in Turkey where people can find a lot of information gathered together about marine species. This even though we are living in a country surrounded by seas on three sides: north, west and south. People can get to know marine plants and animals in the aquarium and build a relationship with them. I believe that without knowing something very well, it is difficult to love it. If people come and see the beautiful species that populate the world’s oceans and seas, hopefully this will help them become more nature-friendly.”

Milli said that building the aquarium was a difficult task. Project planners had to visit other countries to find appropriate technologies, in some cases arrange getting them to Turkey, and combine these with domestic technology for the best result. But their hard work paid off: the İstanbul Aquarium is now the most technologically advanced aquarium in the world.

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Aditya Phatak –

Somali pirates hijacked a chemical-oil tanker with 21 Indian sailors on board Saturday from near an Omani port, although the exact location was unconfirmed.

India’s Directorate General of Shipping said the Fairchem Bogey, managed by Mumbai-based Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, was hijacked while anchored in Salalah port. A Salalah-based shipping source said the vessel was being loaded with methanol when it was seized.

The port’s operator, APM Terminals, however, said pirates boarded the vessel while it was two miles off the coast of Oman, awaiting a berth, and commandeered it towards Somalia.

Andrew Mwangura, shipping editor of The Somalia Report, who is based in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa told Reuters the position of the hijacking showed the ship was inside Oman’s territorial waters.

“It was captured six nautical miles south of Salalah so it is definitely inside Oman,” he said, adding that a country’s territorial waters usually stretch out 12 miles into the sea.

“If it is Somali pirates, it means they have a mother ship they are operating with. The high season for piracy has just started.”

The end of the southwest monsoon winds in August marks the end of very turbulent high seas In the Gulf of Aden, making it easier for Somali pirates with small vessels to sail out and attack ships, Mwangura said.

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gCaptain –

Rescue teams in Brazil on Saturday morning resumed their search for a helicopter with four people on board that made an emergency landing at sea Friday some 100 kilometers off the southeast coast of Brazil.

The search had been suspended overnight but restarted at first light on Saturday, the Brazilian air force said in a statement.

The helicopter ditched in the sea after the pilot reported an emergency to air traffic control in Macae, an oil-industry hub in the north of the state, the air force said.

The helicopter had departed from the P-65 oil rig at around 5 p.m. local time on Friday, the air force said. The P-65 platform operates in the Enchova field, one of the first fields developed by the government-run oil company, Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PETR4.BR, PBR), in the prolific Campos Basin.

One air force plane and one navy plane joined with aircraft and ships of Petrobras to hunt for the helicopter and any survivors.

Petrobras said there were two crew members and two passengers aboard. The pilot was Rommel Oliveira Garcia, but the co-pilot’s name hasn’t been divulged at the request of the family.

The passengers were Ricardo Leal de Oliveira, employed by the Engevix engineering firm, and Joao Carlos Pereira da Silva, of Brasitest, which carries out quality control tests.

The helicopter belongs to the Senior air taxi company, and was being operated on behalf of Petrobras.