Two killed in fire on Norway cruise liner

Posted: 09/16/2011 in all marine news

Joachim Dagenborg and Victoria Klesty – 

Two crew members died after a cruise liner caught fire off Norway’s coast on Thursday, police said, in a blaze that forced rescuers to evacuate more than 200 passengers.

The ship, on a popular tourist route from Bergen to the northern regions above the Polar circle, was close to the port of Aalesund in Western Norway when a fire started in the engine room, said police.

“We suspect an explosion in the engine room,” a police spokesman told journalists, adding he would not speculate on what could have caused the blast. All 207 passengers were rescued, he said.

A fire department spokesman said the fire was now under control but the ship was taking in water and divers were checking for damage.

Television footage showed thick, black smoke rising from the ship after it was moved to Aalesund.

Eight people were taken to hospital, two of them with serious injuries, said police. Eight more were treated for injuries.

According to the website of operator Hurtigruten the Nordlys, built in 1994, can carry 691 passengers.


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