Interview with Scott Cassell: Scuba diver attempting record-setting 30-mile dive

Posted: 09/18/2011 in all marine news

MNN – 

Champion diver and environmental activist Scott Cassell is attempting to swim 30 miles today to help raise awareness about the need to protect sharks. The kicker? He’s doing it entirely underwater.

Scott’s dive is being made (with sponsorship by Luminox) to bring attention to the decline in shark populations in the waters where he’s making his dive.

Scott is actually bringing an acoustic shark attractor to maximize the number he comes across.

Twenty-five years ago, the shark population in the Catalina Channel was thriving, and Scott estimates that he would have seen 40 to 100 blue sharks had he made a similar trip back then. He thinks he’ll be lucky to come across more than a couple on his swim today. Let’s hope he’s wrong.

You can learn more about his attempt over at Luminox and the Undersea Voyager Project site.

Scott kindly agreed to take some time out of his pre-swim preparations earlier this week to answer some questions for us. Enjoy !  And good luck today, Scott !

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