Take a tour of the abandoned remains of The Abyss movie set

Posted: 09/23/2011 in all marine news

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We recently saw how James Cameron built the undersea set for the 1987 filming of The Abyss at the unfinished Cherokee Nuclear Plant outside of Gaffney, South Carolina.

Cameron’s crew constructed one of the largest underwater film stages ever built and — because of the sheer cost of disassembling it — were forced to abandon it to the elements for 20 years.

Even though the seven-million-gallon, forty-foot-deep set was eventually demolished in 2007, we’re lucky to have photographic evidence of this cinematic monolith. A tipster has generously provided us with dozens of pictures from urban exploration missions to The Abyss’ rusting Deepcore seabase. These shots were taken from 2003-2004.

And just for kicks, here’s how the place looked in 1994. I imagine if you slept there at night, the ethereal visage of Ed Harris warbled a sweet siren song, tempting you to take a dip in the stagnant water.

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