Snorkeling for gold !

Posted: 09/29/2011 in all marine news

The Star –

St. Joseph Bay has been teeming with treasure hunters from as far away as Michigan searching for the lost golden scallop treasure.

Thousands of scallopers registered for the first-ever underwater treasure hunt and enjoyed the last two weeks of the season with bountiful harvests and if lucky, a golden scallop.

Of the 100 golden scallops, 17 were discovered and redeemed for fabulous prizes up to $500.  Although there were two valiant efforts at winning the $20,000 grand prize, the lucky treasure hunters will have to return next year for another shot at the fortune. 

Susan Tew, of Panama City, just recently discovered the recreational pastime of scalloping and is hooked.  

Spending every spare second of the last month in St. Joseph Bay finally paid off with less than an hour of the treasure hunt remaining.  At 4:10 pm on Saturday, Susan and her husband Hal swam upon a golden scallop.  

They jumped in their boat, called Bluewater Outriggers to see if they still had time to make it to claim their prize, and sped towards the Port St. Joe city boat ramp.  

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