Killer ghost net cleared from NT coast

Posted: 10/16/2011 in all marine news

NT News –

Crocodiles, sharks, turtles, dugongs and fish are among the victims of deadly ghost nets like this half-tonne killer found snagged on a reef at the Cobourg Peninsula.

The 500kg loose fishing net was retrieved from a reef 50m off Smith Point by NT Parks and Wildlife rangers, last week.

GhostNets Australia project officer Grace Heathcoat gave an update on the floating menace in Darwin at the Territory Natural Resource Management and Landcare forum, revealing 1042 nets had been found in Territory waters this year alone.

Local fishermen are not believed to be at fault as 90 per cent of ghost nets come from international waters.

“Ghost nets don’t just kill marine creatures, if they settle on a coral reef they can smother the coral and can be a safety hazard for boats,” she said.

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