Divers take plunge in the Black Sea to complete bizarre underwater exhibit

Posted: 10/29/2011 in all marine news

Daily Mail –

It is usually a hobby which takes patience, care, and for the artist to be at their most comfortable so they can create true masterpieces.

But while most painters insist that ‘you can’t rush art’, time is of the essence for these unusual artists, who paint unique pieces as underwater divers 20 metres beneath the surface.

The group of underwater divers from the Ukraine complete their series of drawings after plunging to the depths of the Black Sea.

Although some watercolours take hours to finish, the scuba-trained artists are painting against the clock, as their diving equipment only allows them to draw for 40 minutes at a time.

And time is not the only issue the artists have to deal with, as their watery surroundings change the colour of their paints mid-piece.

Artist Denis Lotarev told the BBC: ‘An artist has to take into account the depth at which he is working because the colours change from the surface.

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