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Hydro International – 

Surveyors from the Russian survey company PeterGaz using the Oceanscience UnderwaySV profiler, operated by a RapidSV free fall sound velocity probe.

The maximum profile depth achieved was 1,730m, and the cast was completed in about 35 minutes from start to finish !

This result broke the Oceanscience profiling depth record, previously standing at 1,563m, held by NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center. Normally, a Hugin AUV deployed from the offshore support vessel GSP Prince surveyed the 500 nautical mile route, with about 50% of the pipeline to be laid in water as deep as 2,000m.

By deploying the RapidSV profiler from a stationary vessel, deep sound speed profiles can be collected faster than using conventional methods based around a hydrographic winch CTD or sound velocity instrument.

The Valeport RapidSV probe free falls at over 5m/s reaching 1,000m depth in 3 to 4 minutes.

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Marianne White – 

Scuba divers who refused to leave a Quebec dock during a labour dispute had their air compressors shut off while they were underwater, a hearing was told Thursday.

The hearings into a controversial bill to overhaul job placement in the Quebec construction industry wrapped up Thursday the way they started — with allegations of intimidation on work sites.

A small union rival of the province’s largest union, the Quebec Federation of Labour (QFL), reported the lives of some of its members were put in danger this week when people showed up at the Trois-Rivieres, Que., dock Monday to close the work site as part of a wave of wildcat strikes to protest against the government bill.

The men argued with the scuba divers who refused to leave and retaliated by shutting down the air compressors of other divers who were underwater, the hearing was told.

“This is totally disgusting,” Patrick Daigneault, president of the CSD-Construction told members of the legislature studying Bill 33.

The bill would see unions lose power over who may work on construction sites in the province. The two major construction unions — QFL and the Conseil provincial du Quebec des metiers de la construction, known as l’International — are adamantly opposed to the changes.

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