Oceanscience Underway SV Profiling Depth Record In Black Sea

Posted: 10/31/2011 in all marine news

Hydro International – 

Surveyors from the Russian survey company PeterGaz using the Oceanscience UnderwaySV profiler, operated by a RapidSV free fall sound velocity probe.

The maximum profile depth achieved was 1,730m, and the cast was completed in about 35 minutes from start to finish !

This result broke the Oceanscience profiling depth record, previously standing at 1,563m, held by NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center. Normally, a Hugin AUV deployed from the offshore support vessel GSP Prince surveyed the 500 nautical mile route, with about 50% of the pipeline to be laid in water as deep as 2,000m.

By deploying the RapidSV profiler from a stationary vessel, deep sound speed profiles can be collected faster than using conventional methods based around a hydrographic winch CTD or sound velocity instrument.

The Valeport RapidSV probe free falls at over 5m/s reaching 1,000m depth in 3 to 4 minutes.

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