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Posted: 11/03/2011 in all marine news

Daily Mail – 

An underwater volcano near the Canary Islands has been spewing so much lava that it could soon protrude above the Atlantic Ocean, creating a new island.

For three weeks it has been growing in height and now towers 100 metres above the sea bed.

Another 150 metres and the Canary Islands will have its latest edition for over a million years.

Residents of the Canary Islands are already suggesting names for a potential new island. There are already more than 500 suggestions, with favourites including The Discovery, Atlantis and The Best.

Meanwhile Spanish newspapers are debating who would take responsibility for the new territory. The volcano off the coast of El Hierro, the southern-most Canary Island is pouring out magma and causing the ground to shake several times a day.

Since July there have been more than 10,000 earthquakes on El Hierro, most of them imperceptible.

Risks to the local population are being monitored, with a submarine taking pictures of the ocean floor.

It is thought that at the moment the only risk is in the immediate vicinity of the volcano, where there may be lava flows and rocks flung into the air.

However its effects are already being felt. A sea of ash bigger than El Hierro itself is floating off the island, with gas bubbling up and dead fish scattered in the water.

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