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At least one person died and another was wounded after police from Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland fought against militants supported by pirates in Mareero, a village 30km east of Bosaso in Bari region, according to police officers and witnesses.

Members of the militia group were seized by police last week in Mareero area, a hub for pirates, smugglers and migrants, under the supervision of Bari Police Commander Osman Hassan Aw-ke (known as Afdalow), causing the fighting to break out on Saturday and Monday.

Militants took control of the police station during the fight. The local militia is a locally well-known group which smuggles migrants from Somalia to Yemen.

“The militia has good relations with the pirates and migrants. Some of their members were seized by police and then on late Saturday the group sought revenge and attacked the Puntland police.

On Monday one militant died and another was wounded by the police. Now we are afraid because of the clashes. We know the pirates and militias will fight against the police again,” witness in Mareero told Somalia Report.

Puntland officers claimed they re-seized the police station in Mareero and defeated the militants and pirates.

“Yes, we retook the police center but we are keeping tight security because pirates can prepare to re-attack our police in Mareero,” a police officer told Somalia Report on Condition off anonymity Traditional leaders from Mareero also confirmed the fight.

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Hyperdynamics Corporation has started its deep water 3D seismic survey off the coast of the Republic of Guinea.

Using the survey vessel Oceanic Endeavour, seismic contractor CGGVeritas will acquire 3D seismic data in a deep water area covering approximately 4,000 square kilometres in Hyperdynamics’ oil and gas concession offshore Guinea in West Africa.

After it completes the data acquisition phase of the project, CGGVeritas will also process the data.

The survey area is located just southwest of and adjacent to the 3D survey obtained by Hyperdynamics in 2010.

The primary goal of this new survey is to investigate multiple possible deep water submarine fans in the equatorial Atlantic margin that were identified from a 2D seismic survey acquired in 2009.

Ray Leonard, Hyperdynamics CEO, commented that the deep water 3D survey will utilise CGGVeritas’ BroadSeis broadband solution, which is expected provide a clearer and more detailed image of the subsurface.

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One of the most spectacular events of the year is set to take place next week, with the annual coral spawning predicted to occur in Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef from November 15 to 17.

Every year about four to six nights after the full moon in November the corals spew out clouds of tiny egg and sperm bundles in one of natures most extraordinary displays.

While spawning can be difficult to predict, Fantasea Adventure Cruising marine biologist Emily Smart believes that this year, the nights of November 15, 16 and 17 are the most likely.

“It usually occurs in November after the full moon, creating a feeding frenzy among other marine creatures,” she said.

“Because there is so much coral spawn, not all of it is eaten and some eggs will survive to be fertilised and settle on a reef, growing into a new coral colony.”

Scuba divers and scientists from around the world are flocking to Far North Queensland in anticipation for the event.

For the first time, Fantasea will cruise to the reef allowing guests to experience night snorkelling or scuba diving during the spawn.

It is planning to cruise to its Fantasea Reefworld pontoon on Hardy Reef, 80km from the mainland.

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USNS Medgar Evers, the newest ship in the U.S. Navy’s Lewis and Clark-class of dry cargo/ammunition ships operated by civilian mariners working with Military Sealift Command, was christened Nov. 12 during a morning ceremony at the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego.

With the traditional words, “I christen you USNS Medgar Evers,” Myrlie Evers-Williams, the widow of the ship’s namesake, broke the traditional bottle of champagne against the bow of the ship.

Evers was launched Oct. 29 and is scheduled for delivery to MSC in spring 2012. Designated T-AKE 13, the 689-foot ship is the latest of the Lewis and Clark-class and named in honor of slain civil rights leader and Army veteran Medgar Wiley Evers, who is especially remembered for his efforts to end segregation at the University of Mississippi in the 1950s and for his opposition to Jim Crow laws in the 1960s.

Evers was appointed Mississippi’s first NAACP field officer in 1954 and held the position until his assassination in the front yard of his Mississippi home the night of June 12, 1963, by White Citizens’ Council and Ku Klux Klan member Byron De La Beckwith. Evers’ murder, which occurred only hours after President John F. Kennedy delivered a televised, pro-civil rights speech, was mourned nationally.

“This technological marvel will carry the strong name of Medgar Evers, as well as the amazing spirit and expertise of the American people, across oceans and seas to every corner of the world,” said Navy Rear Adm. Mark H. Buzby, commander, MSC, to an audience of more than 1,000 people who braved the rainy morning to attend the event.

Ceremony attendees included the Evers family, NAACP and other civil rights leaders from around the country, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown, distinguished guests from the U.S. military and maritime industry and NASSCO employees who built the ship.

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