US Navy ships close in ahead of Obama arrival: TNI

Posted: 11/18/2011 in all marine news

The Jakarta Post –

Ahead of the arrival of US president Barrack Obama in Bali on Thursday afternoon, two US Navy ships are approaching the Tanjung Benoa zone for monitoring and security purposes, the Indonesian Navy says.

Indonesian Navy commander Sulaeman Banjarnahor said the US ships would also cooperate with Indonesian counterparts to ensure security when the US president sets foot in Bali.

“The two ships are getting closer and we are in continuous communication ahead of Obama’s arrival.

Our coordination system works by placing three [Indonesian] personnel in the main US ship; each of the three is from the air force, navy and the marines.

He added that the three Indonesian army personnel would also help to keep an eye on the US crews.

“The three personnel on board the USS Essex make it easy for us to monitor their every move,” he said.

He explained that the two US ships were the mini mother ship USS Essex and battle ship USS Strethern.

The USS Essex is carrying 1,100 special personnel, while the battle ship is carrying 281 personnel, and is fully armed, he said.


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