Great Barrier Reef omitted from New7Wonders list

Posted: 11/28/2011 in all marine news

Natalie Dixon –

A natural wonders of the world list that omitted the Great Barrier Reef has been called “farcical” by tourism leaders who say there will be no impact on visitor numbers because people will not take the report seriously.

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef system, is visible from space and stretches for 2600km, but that wasn’t good enough to get it on to the New7Wonders of Nature, a campaign run by a Swiss-based group that resulted in more than 100 million people voting for their top nature spots in a global poll.

Sites such as South Africa’s Table Mountain, Komodo in Indonesia and the Amazon won a place in the top seven, while icons such as the Reef, the Grand Canyon and the Dead Sea missed out.

The New7wonders Foundation say the list is only provisional as they finalise the votes, but the rejection of the Reef has stunned Far Northern tourism leaders.

But instead of protesting, they say the list should be shelved.

“We have decided not to take this too seriously,” said Tourism Tropical North Queensland’s James Dixon.

“It must be a joke … the Great Barrier Reef is visible from the moon for goodness sakes.

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