Slime tour highlights Florida’s polluted waterways

Posted: 12/06/2011 in all marine news

ABC Action News – 

Environmental groups want you to take a so-called Internet “slime tour” of polluted waterways in Florida as they try to raise public pressure for stricter pollution controls.

Today Earthjustice announced it is suing the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation over a new state rule for nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

Those are the elements that come from wastewater and fertilizer and can cause bright green algae outbreaks in waterways like pictures show in the St. John’s River in 2005 and 2009.

The toxic blooms can be harmful to people and pets and cause fish kills.

Earthjustice attorney David Guest says the department is failing to protect residents and tourists from toxic algae outbreaks.

“We’re filing this case to protect the citizens of Florida that want and have a right to clean water. The system we have now favors polluters over people.

That’s not fair.” He accuses the state of trying to delay action on the problem with studies that go on for years and years.

“Functionally what you have here is we have toxic slime outbreaks, green-covered waters all over the whole state and instead of saying it’s time to stop, this rule basically covers those slime ponds with studies.”

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