Could the fabled lost city of Atlantis have been located ?

Posted: 12/08/2011 in all marine news

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Using satellite photography, ground-penetrating radar and underwater technology, The film, Finding Atlantis, was screened by the National Geographic Channel in the US and fronted by Professor Richard Freund, from Hartford University in Connecticut.

Professor Freund explained how he led a pursuit to find the lost civilisation, believed by many to be an ancient Greek myth, by using deep-ground radar, digital mapping and satellite imagery.

He contends that Atlantis, described by Plato in 360BC, in Spain’s Donaña National Park, north of Cadiz, and was wiped out by a giant tsunami.

Plato wrote it had been destroyed by a natural disaster in 9,000BC.

Experts are now surveying marshlands in Spain to look for proof of the ancient city.

The theory that Atlantis is buried in the Spanish wetlands is the latest in a long line of suggested locations.

In 2004, US ocean researchers said they were convinced they had found evidence of Atlantis off the coast of Cyprus.

Others include various Mediterranean islands, Central America and even Antarctica. Professor Freund said that some of Atlantis’s inhabitants had fled a tsunami to establish similar “memorial cities” which he had identified in central Spain.

His film company, Associated Producers of Canada, added: “Besides identifying the location of the city, they discovered a stele that may have stood at the entrance to the ancient civilisation.

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