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Delmarva Now – 

The location of certain “treasure beaches” on Deal Island has long been a closely guarded secret by native islanders.

That was until TV’s famed homemaker, Martha Stewart, spilled the beans during one of her programs last summer and told the world where to find the good stuff, said waterman and artifact collector Ted Daniels.

“It’s been reported in the newspapers and on the Martha Stewart show,” he said.

“Apparently Martha Stewart had a friend who came down here and found sea glass and she must have told her, ‘Deal Island beach is one of the top destinations for sea glass.’

Beaches on and around Deal Island hold artifacts from the past, and are prime places to search for Daniels and his two children, Liza, 11, and Jackson, 9.

Now that the word is out, lots of people are coming down here to search for sea glass.

“When we go down there, and we routinely have been for the past five years, we meet people from all over the country, some on vacations and some who came just to find treasure on the beach,” he said.

It was the discovery of sea glass by Liza that changed her life.

“She started collecting when she was about 2. We find a lot of stuff among the remains of old settlements on islands washing away, but 50 percent of the sea glass comes from Deal Island,” he said.

“When she found her first piece of red glass, she was hooked.”

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Swiss Info – 

Three Australian environmental activists were detained on board a Japanese whaling ship on Sunday after boarding in protest at Japan’s annual whale cull in the Antarctic, anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd said.

The three activists from Forest Rescue, an Australian group specialising in direct action to prevent logging, boarded the ship early on Sunday with assistance from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Sea Shepherd said in a statement.

U.S.-based Sea Shepherd is tailing Japan’s whaling fleet as it heads towards the Southern Ocean to try to prevent the cull.

The statement described the activists as “prisoners now detained on a Japanese whaler.

Speaking while en route to the Antarctic, Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson told Reuters by satellite phone that the activists were still on board the Shonan Maru 2. He said the Japanese vessel had been sent to disrupt Sea Shepherd’s longstanding campaign to stop the cull.

There had been no contact from the Japanese and the activists’ radios appeared to have been seized, Watson said from aboard the Steve Irwin, one of two ships heading south with the aim of preventing the hunt from taking place.

“The Shonan Maru won’t talk to us. They don’t respond to our radio calls,” Watson said. “They are chasing us.”

A New Zealand-based spokesman for Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research, which coordinates the annual hunt, confirmed the three men were on the Japanese boat and uninjured. He did not rule out that they might be taken to Japan.

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