GHOST – Small craft “could help keep Hormuz open”

Posted: 01/12/2012 in all marine news

Mike Schuler –

The number of threats posing significant risks to maritime security these days seems to be never ending, always changing, and rapidly growing.

Pirates, rogue governments, terrorism; all seem to be organizing an accelerating – and rather freighting – rate.

So what can we do? Have the world navies place destroyers in every vital waterway, every ocean or body of water in the world? It would be nice, depending on who you talk to, but unrealistic.

The issue has led a number of private companies come up with their own solutions.

Some have been good, a lot have been bad, and many have been downright ridiculous. Now enter GHOST.

Developed by the privately held Juliet Marine Systems, a technology systems company based in Portsmouth, NH, the company believes they have the solution for many of the increasing threats to maritime security.

Described as an attack helicopter on water, GHOST is a high-speed attack craft specifically designed to protect vital waterways like the Straits of Hormuz and counter threats such as piracy.

With swarm attacks and close-to-shore operation in mind, the GHOST was designed with speed, maneuverability, endurance and the ability to carry a hefty payload.

JMS says that, deployed, GHOST would have the capability to conduct long duration patrols and missions, adding that two squadrons of GHOSTs operating from Bahrain or Djibouti could effectively provide protection to destroyers or cruisers operating within the region.

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