Kuwaiti divers detect deterioration of coral colonies

Posted: 01/13/2012 in all marine news

Kuwaiti Times – 

The Kuwaiti Dive Team at the Environmental Voluntary Foundation has detected a coral colony that died over a year ago, gathered samples to follow up on such finds in summer of 2010, and is conducting a survey of the coral colonies starting from the southern coasts of Kubbar Island.

Head of environmental projects of the team Mahmoud Ashkanani told reporters yesterday that this survey is the launch of 2012 activities.

He added regular reports on condition of coral colonies had been prepared since the team detected coral that was bleached due to heat exposure in 2010.

Samples of four types of coral and a sample from a dead (bleached) coral are to be studied by Dr Muna Salameen of the Science Faculty at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, he said.

Generally speaking, coral is in good condition, but many colonies that had turned to limestone were found near the coastline, meaning the coral has been dead for over a year ago.

At another location, a whole bleached colony was also found and the water temperature was found to be 15.9 centigrade.

On another note, the dive team cautioned sea-goers in waters near Kubbar Island to stay alert, noting there is a sunken boat near the coast, and other wreckage as well.

The team is gearing up to carry out a total clean-up of the Kubbar Island seabed and coastline.

This is to be done both to protect the safety of sea-goers and to preserve the coral reef and maritime environment.

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