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Maurice Picow – 

Climate change is causing sea levels to rise, so much that the president of the Maldives wants to locate his island nation.

Some parts of the world are preparing themselves for this new reality, while urban planners look for new solutions to deal with rising waters.

The Dutch, masters of the dyke concept know the threats of encraoching sea water. Moshe Zwart, a Dutch architect has dreamed up another solution: underwater cities !

The Dutch are well aware of the need to protect themselves against the encroaches of the sea as the Netherlands has had to deal with this problem for centuries.

But the time my come, however, when even building numerous dikes, and artificial land areas will not be enough when sea levels simply rise too high.

The possibility of this occurring has resulting in an even more novel idea being put forward by the sea beleaguered Dutchmen: underwater cities.

The idea of underwater cities has been a fantasy and science fiction idea that has been around for years.

Putting mere dreams into a plausible reality is something else. But now the idea of underwater cities is a step closer to reality.

A Dutch architect, Professor Moshe Zwarts, who actually proposed this idea in 2008 with his concept of building an underground (and water) parking and entertainment complex under the city of Amsterdam to help solve that city’s chronic lack of usable space.

The plan, when proposed in February 2008, was estimated to cost around US $ 14.4 billion to complete.

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Mail Online – 

A medieval fishing village is believed to have been found in the Outer Hebrides after a tip-off from an islander.

The site is among potential new historic finds made along the islands’ coasts following information from members of the public.

Archaeologists said they were told about the village after bumping into local man JJ MacDonald.

The possible fishing station was discovered near Loch Euport, on North Uist.

The project team said on Ordnance Survey maps the area is called Havn, the Norse word for harbour.

Last year, fishermen, beachcombers, divers and islanders in the Hebrides were asked for information on where archaeologists might find ancient sites along shorelines.

The project involves the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS), WA Coastal and Marine, Historic Scotland and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles Council).

Archaeological investigator at RCAHMS, Dr Alex Hale, said the village was among the most promising tip offs.

‘Meeting JJ MacDonald was one of those fortuitous moments that can only happen when you are in the field,’ he said.

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RT – 

The Italian coastguard has released black-and-white footage of survivors of the shipwrecked Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia getting into lifeboats after the vessel ran aground off the coast of Tuscany last week.

Rescue efforts continued on Tuesday as teams used controlled explosions to break into the stricken vessel in a bid to find survivors.

The three explosions carried out early on Tuesday morning should allow firefighters and scuba divers better access to the parts of the ship which were not searched earlier.

The authorities say estimates of the number missing on the huge vessel have increased to 29, while six bodies have been found, Reuters reports.

The captain of the Costa Concordia is accused of “human error” over the cruise liner crash. Some media suggest he was sailing far too close to land to salute to a friend on the island of Giglio.

Costa Chairman and CEO Pier Luigi Foschi told a press conference Monday that Costa Crocier, the owner of the stricken vessel, has blamed the tragedy on “human error” by the captain, saying he made “an unapproved, unauthorized maneuver” to change ship’s course.

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