Deadly chemical discharged into Chinese rivers

Posted: 01/31/2012 in all marine news

David Eimer –

Authorities in Liuzhou, a city of 3.7 million in Guangxi Province in southern China, are battling to contain the spread of the toxic chemical, after elevated levels of cadmium were detected on Friday in the Liujiang River, the main source of drinking water in Liuzhou.

Panicked residents were rushing to stock up on supplies of bottled water, after being told not to drink water from the river.

Sluices were being opened upstream in an effort to dilute the carcinogenic cadmium, which was discharged into the Longjiang River and has spread downstream leaving large numbers of fish dead.

Earlier in the week, fire fighters dumped hundreds of tons of dissolved aluminium chloride into the Longjiang River in an effort to neutralise the pollutant, but fears remain that it will continue to flow further downstream and affect other cities.

Local officials, though, are insisting that tap water in Liuzhou is safe.

“The water is still up to national standards and is safe for drinking,” said Gan Jinglin, the head of Liuzhou’s Environmental Bureau.

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