The Straits of Malacca – A global maritime crossroads / garbage dump

Posted: 01/31/2012 in all marine news

Rob Almeida –

I made my first trip to Singapore back in 2000 as a Division Officer on board USS Paul F. Foster.

As we were making our way up around the northern side of the island to Sembawang, I was absolutely astounded by the virtual garbage dump our bow wave pushed aside as we motored along through the channel.

It was unbelievable how little regard the Malaysians and Singaporeans had for their ocean environment… quite a stark contrast indeed from the relatively pristine streets of Singapore.

The Volvo Ocean Race fleet is currently experiencing the same level of frustration and disbelief as they make their way through this global maritime crossroads.

Ken Read, skipper of Puma Ocean Racing remarks,

“It’s an incredible place to sail but the sad part is how much stuff is in the water, how much junk there is in the water,’’ he said.

“How people in the world can’t treat the ocean with more respect is just fully beyond me.”

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