Simulator models complex sea currents

Posted: 02/02/2012 in all marine news

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Fugro Subsea Services is a manufacturer and operator of ROVs and provider of subsea engineering, construction support and inspection, maintenance and repair services.

Its Robotic Technologies business line has announced the introduction of three-dimensional sea current profiles to its DeepWorks family of subsea simulators.

Users can model currents as they vary with depth and location, enabling more realistic representations of current flows across large sea areas, in shallow waters and around targets.

Complex current profiles can be quickly configured to better understand the physical effects on objects like the ROV tether as it moves through different current fields.

An user-interface allows the operator to define the strength, heading and elevation of currents, at different geographic coordinates and depths as a series of current profiles in a simulation.

Once set up, the user can readily modify values as required over the duration of the mission being simulated.

Each current is defined as a 3D vector and a set of these vectors defines a complex current profile from the sea surface to the seabed.

Full horizontal and vertical interpolation is supported, which allows the current’s strength and true direction to be calculated and monitored at any point in the current field.

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