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Sad news. Mr. Delauze just died.

The founder of Comex and one of the big people in vintage Rolex and diving history.

The company he founded are best compared to astronauts of the sea. Diving down to depth we never achieved.

Creating new techniques and developing the Rolex dive watches in that goal for deeper waters. Like this 5513 Comex.

Where Comex worked together to develop and push-forward the valve so they could dive deeper with helium. The Comex 5513’s and the 5514’s are the only Subs with helium valve.

When you listen to stories of their work, you know they are the great hero’s of diving history.




Comex, deep diving operations for the offshore oil industry

When Henri G. DELAUZE founded COMEX in 1961, in Marseilles, industrial deep-sea diving did not exist yet.

Very soon however, COMEX created this new technology and became a pioneer in deep diving operations for the offshore oil industry.

For over 30 years, divers of COMEX, then world leader in sub-sea engineering and in manned and unmanned sub-sea interventions, scoured all the seas on earth and worked at depths of over 300 meters thanks to the use of helium/oxygen in the breathing mixtures.

During the past 20 years, COMEX has continued its development and diversified its activities by entering the robotic and automation fields, with the creation of CYBERNETIX, and the nuclear industry with COMEX NUCLEAIRE.

Nowadays, still chaired by H.G. DELAUZE, COMEX S.A. holding company defines the main orientations and the long and mid term strategy for the COMEX Group.

It holds participations in CYBERNETIX and GEOCEAN. COMEX S.A. also manages the activities of the Marseilles based Hyperbaric Experimental Center which features exceptional testing equipment:

– Several automated large hypo and hyperbaric chambers that can be used in hydraulic mode or with various gases (oxygen, helium, hydrogen,…)

– A testing pool with a 10 meter deep tank

– A bio-medical and scientific research department, with 40 year experience in physiological studies in hostile environment, equipped with very specific testing instruments.

Finally, to meet undersea research needs, COMEX Marine Operation Department operates two research ships, MINIBEX and JANUS, equipped with dynamic positioning, a two-man 600 msw submarine, REMORA 2000, and several remotely operated vehicles (ROV) that can carry out very rapidly various types of surveys and light works as deep as 1,000 msw.