Why I took flowers from Tina’s grave: Honeymoon killer Gabe Watson breaks silence on US TV

Posted: 03/06/2012 in all marine news

Courier Mail –

Gabe Watson says he used bolt-cutters to remove flowers from his wife’s grave because they were “big, gaudy, plastic arrangements” and he was upset that his in-laws were accusing him of her murder.

Speaking publicly for the first time since an Alabama judge acquitted him last week of murdering his bride Tina Thomas on a 2003 Queensland honeymoon scuba diving trip, Gabe Watson told US TV network ABC his wife would not have approved of the plastic flowers her parents left at the grave.

Prosecutors were unsuccessful in persuading the judge, Tommy Nail, overseeing Mr Watson’s murder trial to show the jury surveillance footage of Mr Watson using the bolt-cutters at Ms Thomas’ Alabama grave.

“When I would go out to Tina’s grave I would leave fresh flowers,” Mr Watson, who has remarried, told ABC.

“It struck a nerve with me that these, what I considered and what I thought Tina would consider, these big, gaudy, plastic arrangements … would sit out out there and get faded in the sun.”

Mr Watson was feuding with his in-laws following Ms Thomas’ death and when flowers at the grave, sometimes attached to chains, were disappearing, police set up a surveillance operation at the cemetery.

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