Posted: 03/10/2012 in all marine news

Vancouver Sun – 

A Calgary woman died Saturday while scuba diving in Mexico, and her family says police are investigating the tanks and equipment involved.

Ronda Cross, 41, was diving with her cousin in Cabo San Lucas when she was overcome by carbon monoxide in the scuba tanks, according to her family.

Her husband, Colin, who was golfing in Florida with his father at the time, said Ronda’s cousin Roxanne Amundson and the pair’s dive master felt sick and had trouble breathing when they surfaced. Ronda did not surface with them.

Her body was pulled out of the water by the crew of a nearby boat who found her floating in the water.

“The carbon monoxide levels that were in her, she basically just fell asleep,” said Colin Cross.

The group had been diving at a depth of about 23 metres. Both Ronda and Colin have 200 dives under their belt and have travelled around the world for the experience over the years.

Colin Cross said it was Sunshine Dive and Charter that filled the tanks for the group but a staff member who answered the phone denied that his shop had anything to do with the tanks.

The company lists itself as a five star facility certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

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