Acworth woman disappears scuba diving in Mexico

Posted: 04/12/2012 in all marine news

Craig Lucie –

An Acworth woman disappeared during a scuba dive in Mexico. Her husband believes strong currents are to blame.

For 16 years, Christina Cassin and her husband Scott Turco have enjoyed the outdoors and scuba diving together.

Turco, who’s visiting Cassin’s parents in Michigan, told Channel 2’s Craig Lucie that their Cozumel dive master was worried about the water conditions on March 28.

“The first place they took us to dive, they said the currents were too strong. So, they took us to another place that was supposed to be better,” said Turco. That second place is the Santa Rosa wall.

It’s known for its 100-foot visibility, wide array of aquatic life and a 400-foot drop off. Cassin’s daughter, Krystal Schoonover, said there’s a point in the dive that’s famous as well.

“The people’s bubbles are kind of staying in place and when they reach a certain point they go down instead of up so they had some strong currents that day,” said Schoonover.

Turco said where the bubbles get sucked down is where Cassin gave him a signal that she wanted to go back up to the boat.

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