S.C. film studio produces documentary about underwater Mayan city

Posted: 04/19/2012 in all marine news

LaTina Emerson –

An area film company will release a documentary on an underwater archaeological project that they say is an ancient Mayan city.

Greg Ruddell, the president and CEO of Standoff Studios in McCormick, S.C., said that his company will release Mayan Blue this year.

His film company embarked on a journey in 2006 to make a documentary on Mayan culture in Central America, and a year later it stumbled on Roberto Samayoa Asmos, a Guatemalan who had discovered artifacts and underwater city in Guatemala.

No one believed Asmos until Standoff Studios provided high-quality photography, Ruddell said. Vice President of Operations Rafael Garcia wanted to show an underwater viewpoint of the Mayan culture.

His team traveled to Central America to visit several countries where the Mayans lived and to see underwater caves. The last country they visited was Guatemala.

Field producer Lawson Barnes had learned about Asmos, who lived in the mountains near a lake, so the crew set out to meet him, Ruddell said.

“They became somewhat chummy so that he’d trust them enough to take them out,” Ruddell said.

“We took our HD (high-definition) cameras and we filmed what was there. It was clear underwater buildings, foundations and things like that were there at one time. A very, very ancient site.”

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