We need daily patrols in Komodo waters

Posted: 04/26/2012 in all marine news

The Jakarta Post – 

I can confirm that Michael Ishak (“Fishermen blast premier dive sites off Indonesia”, The Jakarta Post Online, April 20) is correct about the bomb damage on Tatawa Besar and I thank him for speaking out on this matter.

In my view it is one of the best places in the world to dive and enjoy beautiful, natural and unique scenery.

However these are facts: The park authorities have been patrolling and have arrested many illegal fisherman but, in my opinion, there have not been enough daily patrols in the park.

I see more fishing boats, but I rarely see patrols.

Maybe this is a funding issue in Jakarta. Bombs, cyanide and other destructive fishing methods are used within Komodo National Park.

Diver damage is potentially causing more damage to some sites than bomb fishing, due to operators taking people to sites when the current is too strong for certain individuals to dive.

My experience tells me that people with gloves and reef hooks are causing the majority of this damage.

Dive boats are anchoring on Karang Makassar reef (Manta point). Dive boats guests, crew and sport fishing boats are fishing within the national park.

Dive boats are making tours onto the beach in Horseshoe Bay, south Rinca, and feeding komodo dragons to make it easier for guests to take photos.

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