California rescuers hope dolphin finds way to sea

Posted: 04/29/2012 in all marine news

The Jakarta Post –

A wayward dolphin that has spent two days in a narrow wetlands channel along the southern California coast was on its way out to the ocean when it suddenly turned tail and swam back to shallow waters.

Peter Wallerstein of Marine Animal Rescue says he and other wildlife experts on paddleboards managed to coax the dolphin toward open waters Saturday, but it was spooked by a pair of fellow dolphins.

The six-foot-long, black-and-white common dolphin was spotted in a channel of Orange County’s Bolsa Chica wetlands Friday, circling in shallow waters as crowds grew along the banks and TV helicopters flew overhead.

Wallerstein says rescuers have decided to let the healthy, strong and fast dolphin try to find its own way out.

He says the dolphin doesn’t need a high tide to escape.


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