Treasures of the deep

Posted: 06/11/2012 in all marine news

From Bali and Beyond –

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia keeps a hoard of secrets of natural beauty that is worth discovering.

Not only is Indonesia beautiful on the surface, deep down below the surface of the waves are well-kept ‘treasures’.

We all know that Indonesia is one of the world’s favourite diving destinations. Its islands have more than 600 diving points spread across the archipelago that offer beautiful underwater scenes teeming with rare marine life frolicking under the deep blue.

Not only divers, surfers also share the same obsession that Indonesia’s waves are filled with thrills.

This country has world-class waves that attract thousands of surfers who visit the country regularly.

The waters around Indonesia, of course, hold resources beyond waves and its beautiful underwater views.

These resources, for instance, have supported this country as one of the world’s biggest seaweed, tuna, and pearl exporters.

And with its vast sea territory that connects Australian and Asian continents, the shipping industry is also another promising business.

Indonesia also has several shipping ports, some of which are international. Seeing that the sea could generate such extensive income for the country, the government lately focused its efforts on promoting the marine territory.

Several sailing and marine events have been successfully hosted in some famous marine areas such as Belitung, Wakatobi, and Bunaken, including this year’s sailing event that will take place in Morotai, North Maluku, in September 2012.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (MTCE) and Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery (MMAF) never cease in in their efforts to promote and raise awareness of the potential of Indonesia’s marine territory.

Last month and for the following three months, Indonesia joined Korea’s marine event, Expo Yeosu Korea 2012, to promote its potential to 8 million expected visitors.

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