You can swim with whale sharks in a Kenyan sanctuary

Posted: 06/17/2012 in all marine news

Samantha Spooner –

Kenya is set to become home to a global phenomenon when the East African Whale Shark Trust opens the world’s largest open-water whale shark enclosure.

The project aims to establish whale shark tourism in the country while making a push for the conservation of the giant fish.

Whale sharks are the world’s largest fish and are completely docile creatures.

The EAWST, which has been working on the unique conservation project for the past three years, plans to place two juvenile whale sharks in a sanctuary by November this year.

Visitors will have an opportunity to swim with the whale sharks at a cost of $100 (Sh8,400) per person.

The excursion, which will include marine awareness induction, will last approximately three hours, which includes one hour in the whale shark sanctuary.

The EAWST has set up an enclosure in Waa, which is between Diani and Mombasa on the South Coast.

The enclosure is made of high density woven polythene and will be 100 times the size of the Georgia aquarium in Atlanta, USA, the world’s largest and home to four whale sharks.

It includes its own natural coral reef.

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