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Science Daily –

Some coral reef fish may be better prepared to cope with rising CO2 in the world’s oceans — thanks to their parents.

Researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (CoECRS) recently reported in the journal Nature Climate Change, encouraging new findings that some fish may be less vulnerable to high CO2 and an acidifying ocean than previously feared.

“There has been a lot of concern around the world about recent findings that baby fish are highly vulnerable to small increases in acidity, as more CO2 released by human activities dissolves into the oceans,” says Dr Gabi Miller of CoECRS and James Cook University.

“Our work with anemone fish shows that their babies, at least, can adjust to the changes we expect to occur in the oceans by 2100, provided their parents are also raised in more acidic water.”

“Human activity is expected to increase the acidity of the world’s oceans by 0.3 to 0.4 pH by the end of this century, on our present trends in CO2 emissions,” co-researcher Prof Philip Munday says.

“Previous studies, and our own research, have shown that growth and survival of juvenile fish can be seriously affected when the baby fish are exposed to these sorts of CO2 and pH levels,” he says.

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Hydro International –

The Far Eastern Federal University, Russia, student team won the world championship ROVs at the 2012 MATE International ROV Competition, which was organised in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The FEFU team “Primorye Coast” competed against more than 20 teams from different countries including: USA, China, India, Great Britain, and Egypt.

The students have been taking part in these competitions, since2008. In2010, the team won first place for the first time.

“Primorye Coast” consists of students of different specialties, ranging from computer security to medical physics and interior design.


Each year, this competition attracts teams of specialists in underwater robototronics from all over the world.

This year, the theme of the competition was the research of sunken World War II vessels.

The participants saw a simulated event in which the fuel materials of the sunken vessels consisted of an environmental threat that had to be neutralised.

The teams were challenged to develop methods for secure fuel extraction.

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Anne Sheridan –

The oldest scuba-driver in Limerick won’t let age stop him from plunging to the darkest depths of the ocean, after celebrating his 80th birthday.

A founder member of Limerick Sub Aqua Club, Ronnie Hurley, from the North Circular Road, is believed to be the oldest scuba-diver in Limerick and possibly the country.

To celebrate his 80th birthday and pay honour to his life-long service to the club, fellow members threw him a surprise party in the Locke Bar recently, much to his initial embarrassment.

“Ronnie is a real Limerick hero. He is a fantastic, inspiring figure. He is without a doubt admired throughout the whole club and further afield,” said Mike Orth, chairman of the club, which Ronnie helped establish in 1960.

After 52 years of scuba-diving he continues to serve as an inspiration to others whose life’s passion is to swim at the bottom of the dark, blue sea.

“When I started diving in my 20s I wanted to boast that I’d dive into my 80s. Now, I only dive in good conditions, when the water is warm and there’s plenty of fish life.

Back then I’d dive every weekend, and would curse the weather if it wasn’t right.

Now I think the odd time ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely to be diving today’,” he told the Limerick Leader.

Now, as his agility and hearing is not what it once was, he is grateful to his fellow club members, who assist him with his air tank, and watch out for speed boats as he comes to the surface.

He can’t just hop off the boat and dive into the water, he says.

“I need help putting on my gear and my fins.

I’m a bit stiff. I’m not an invalid but I have to be helped. Age is relative.

I don’t look at myself as an 80-year-old diver, but I’m lucky people put up with me,” said Ronnie, who is affectionately known by his friends as ‘Old Grouchy’.

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