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A dive company on Saipan, its dive master, and an international association which conducts scuba diving courses and certifies divers, were sued in Superior Court in connection with the wrongful death of a 35-year-old man while diving at Laulau Bay last year.

Named defendants were Galaxy Company Ltd. which is doing business as Divers Paradise in Saipan,Inc., dive master Rex R. Jose, and PADI Americas, a corporation organized under California laws, and doing business in the United States.

A Divers Paradise staffer said Jose was no longer working there, and declined further comment. Attorney Eric S. Smith represents the plaintiffs: Jung Hoon Tae, administrator for the estate of Seung Bum Yu, in his representative capacity; the estate of Yu; Jung Jo Choy, the mother; and Sung Keun Yu, the father.

The parents reside on Saipan. Seung Bum Yu died on April 16, 2011, stated the complaint.

Smith said the plaintiff brought this action for the benefit of Yu’s estate under the provisions of the NMI probate law.

Yu was neither married nor had children. He had two adult sisters, who are both living in California.

The complaint stated: “Decedent Yu arrived at Laulau Bay on Saturday, April 16, 2011, a healthy, happy, and vibrant man of 35 years for a recreational scuba diving trip organized and supervised by a PADI authorized company…and lead by a PADI trained and authorized diver master…

Less than an hour later, he was dead.” Causes of actions were claim for wrongful death against Divers Paradise, and Jose; claim for wrongful death against PADI agency; claim for wrongful death against PADI for failure to monitor; negligence against all defendants.

On April 15, 2011, a day before the incident, the complaint said Yu was with a childhood and long time friend, Jin Wook Cho, who was on Saipan, and discussed about joining with Cho and three other friends on a recreational scuba dive the next day.

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