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Ishara Mudugamuwa – 

The Southern Province Tourism Ministry has taken measures to provide opportunities for tourists to explore sunken ships near the Galle harbour with the support of the Archaeological Department, said Southern Province Sports and Youth Affairs, Rural Industries, Rural Development, Tourism, Economic Promotion and Social Welfare Minister U G D Ariyathilaka.

About 25-30 sunken ships are found in seas surrounding the Galle harbour, he said.

“Tourists arrivals to Sri Lanka have increased due to the peaceful situation in the country.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide new experience for them to make their journey unforgettable,” he added.

He also said tourists come to Sri Lanka for various reasons.

“Some tourists come for adventure. So it is necessary to provide all facilities and a satisfactory service for them.

Sri Lanka is a country with plenty of resources. We should promote the tourism industry with the facilities we have,” he said.

“The Southern Province is the first province which started tourism as an industry.

The Southern Province has a large number of tourist attractions such as Kanneliya, Singharaja, etc apart from the beaches.

The ministry also plans to develop some other areas as tourist destinations,” minister said.