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Nury Vittach – 

Watch it.

The Asian testicle-biter fish may be spreading around the world. No, that’s not a nickname for one of my kids, although it could be.

I refer to the pacu, a large sharp-toothed fish known to give nasty surprises to wading fishermen in Papua New Guinea.

It turned up recently in a river in Ohio, the US papers reported.

I assume some unfortunate redneck went into the water as a baritone and come out singing soprano.


Panicky locals are wondering if it’s safe to go in the water.

It strikes me that entrepreneurial Asian could make good use of these fish.

Last time I was in Indonesia, a shopkeeper tried to persuade me to put my legs in a fish tank where fish would “nibble off the dead skin”.

I declined, as I have no idea how much of my body is functionally deceased, but suspect it is a larger percentage than one might think.

But they could make good use of the pacu fish at those sex-change hospitals in Thailand.

“Just sit down in this fish tank for a moment, sir, and when you’re done, report to the cashier’s window.”

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