Whale dies after returning to sea in Indonesia

Posted: 07/30/2012 in all marine news

The Jakarta Post – 

Indonesian rescuers say a sperm whale they helped return to sea has been found dead about 25 kilometers west of where it was beached for four days.

The 12-meter whale washed ashore Wednesday near West Java’s Karawang beach, attracting hundreds of onlookers in fishing boats who blocked rescuers from leading it to deeper water.

Pramudya Harzani from the Jakarta Animal Aid Network said Monday that rescuers found its carcasses in Muara Gembong after dozens of navy divers and volunteers led the 2-ton whale to deep waters late Saturday.

The whale, a protected species, was weak, but spouted water and swam away after being pulled into deeper depths with 10 vessels, including a tug boat. It was bruised and scratched,apparently from spectators climbing on it.


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